Excellent article by Daniel Amerman

Daniel looks at the economy in a way that I have not seen anyone else do so clearly. He has great analysis that makes a difficult subject easier to comprehend. In this article, “Bullets In The Back: How Boomers & Retirees Will Become Bailout, Stimulus & Currency War Casualties”, Daniel explains how the money manipulation by the government is making it more and more difficult to maintain any reasonable standard of living. He also has strategies for keeping ahead of the deterioration of our purchasing power and lifestyle. Here is a quote regarding food: “Let’s now talk about food. Per Bloomberg (Nov. 1), “The Standard & Poor’s GSCI Agriculture Index of eight futures climbed 30 percent this year, led by corn, wheat, coffee and cotton” and “meat prices advanced to a two-decade high in August, according to a UN index.” These wholesale prices have not yet fully hit US grocery shelves – but they will. Just putting a meal on the table will be getting more expensive – particularly once the food/energy relationship kicks in. Yes, the US has an agricultural system that is among the most efficient in the world. However, these high levels of production per acre – and resulting relatively low food prices – are based on the intensive use of fertilizers, which are primarily based upon petrochemicals. So rapidly rising petrochemical prices translates very quickly to rapidly rising US food prices.”


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