Sitting by the new masonry heater…

Feb. 23, 2011. The sound of a crackling fire popping away is so comforting and meditative. This is the 3rd day after building our masonry heater and then letting it cure for a week. We are jazzed as we have turned off the old fuel oil beast that I just put $700 of oil into a few weeks ago for the second time this winter. Didn’t know how this would all turn out, but it seems better than expected. If we purchase split wood I can’t see it costing more than $300-500 a year to heat the house which is 25% to 30% of what we would normally spend and that is without an increase in oil prices. Built the heater in the basement to keep it warm and was hoping it would help heat the upstairs. Well we went to bed around 11:00 and the house thermostat read 67º. Waking up this morning I jumped out of bed and ran over to the thermostat to see that is was still 63º.

Update Mar. 3, 2011. So the furnace has been working well besides a couple of smokey days when the wind was howling outside and blowing cold air through the furnace and it was difficult to keep the fire burning without some smoke occasionally blowing back in. Need to get some wind protection setup for the pipe going outdoors. It has been keeping the house right around 65º when the outside temp drops to low 30’s. Pretty warm days so far so haven’t had it on during the day much at all. Really cool to just see water vapor coming out of the stove pipe when it is burning nice and hot. Kids love leaning up against it in the morning after it has cooled down enough to touch it. And it is a nice bone warming radiant heat so much nicer than the forced air that is blown around with the old furnace. Will post some pictures soon.


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