Happiness: Woman Has Not Used Money In 15 Yrs

I have often wondered if we really need money and if the world would work better with out it.  I know this is a radical idea in our American Dream Get Rich Quick Instant Gratification Culture where we feel we need money to be happy.   But I have heard of people who live with very little or no money and through either a self sufficient lifestyle or a simplified lifestyle feel they are much happier than when they were in the “Rat Race.’  Now with our infinite growth paradigm starting to collapse it is wonderful to see pioneers such as this woman in Germany. What do you think? Can you see a way you could live without money or with much less?

Happiness: Woman Has Not Used Money In 15 Yrs.


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  1. Posted by NewOrld on August 24, 2011 at 3:32 PM

    It would be a wonderful idea to live without money and to be using the free, clean sustainable energy that Nikola Testla intended his patents for, but the Richest Family in the World, The Rothschilds have other ideas for middle and lower classes. We are in a depopulation plan as part of the Global Elites New World Order. (see Georgia Guide stones) Our Water is Poisoned with Sodium Fluoride, deadly toxic waste used by the Nazi’s to poison the prisoners drinking water to keep them docile and easier to control. Our Food is poisoned with Soy products and aspartame, causes infertility. Our Vaccines contain harmful viruses. They are poisoning the air with Chemtrails. Creating more Wars like the Rothschild Family have been doing for the Last 300 years. They own the Federal Reserve and can make more money out of thin air and lending it to Governments at interest to Keep them in Debt, therefore owning that Country and ensuring that Country is being led according to their Agenda. The poor will stay poor, they will take jobs away, leaving people totally reliant on their Government services. There are already laws in place to ensure you will be charged for growing your own vegetables. You will have to grow government issue GM seeds. Soon they will introduce the “Human Microchip” if you refuse you will be arrested and sent to a Fema Camp. Also known as another Nazi War camp. Wake Up!! Research yourself Before it’s too late.


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