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Obama Goes All Out For Dirty Banker Deal | Rolling Stone Politics | Taibblog | Matt Taibbi on Politics and the Economy

It is really unfortunate that Obama has so dupped his constituents going for big campaign contributions rather than doing what is best for the country.  Maybe he thinks it is the only way out of this dilemma, I don’t know.  But certainly just slapping the wrists of the people that committed such massive fraud on the American people is a trvesty of justice not being served. Read more:

Obama Goes All Out For Dirty Banker Deal | Rolling Stone Politics | Taibblog | Matt Taibbi on Politics and the Economy.



Has Anyone Heard Of The Green PolkaDot Box?

I am wondering if anyone knows of the Green PolkaDot Box Company.  They were recommended by the Organic Consumers Association.  We are thinking about getting a Founding Trust Membership for $2000 and would like to know if anyone else has any info on the company.  They are a new startup and claim to have low prices on organic and natural foods.  From what I have seen the prices are pretty good.  The Founding Trust Membership gives you $2500 worth of purchasing dollars plus many other benefits with the opportunity to increase that to $4500 by referring others.  You can check out their videos at the link below or in the sidebar and I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.  Have a good day!

Groupon Paved The Way, Now The Customer Advantage Is Set To Revolutionize The Industry

It all started with Groupon the gorilla of the 50% off coupon industry started by Andrew Mason in November of 2008. It has now grown so large that it was recently offered $6 Billion dollars by Google which Mason turned down. Now a new company started by John Milanoski is looking to turn a genius marketing program into the next retail marketing revolution. Here’s the idea. Groupon came up with the simple idea that if you could get 50% off coupons on things you buy then you would not only rush to get the deals, but you would tell everyone you know about Groupon. Not only did it worked fabulously and Groupon grew to millions of subscribers in short order.

Now The Customer Advantage is using the same idea, but not only will you save on goods and services that you buy in your community, but instead of Groupon earning all the profit, TCA shares that with it’s subscribers. Let’s say you tell a friend and they become a subscriber and purchase a coupon for 50% off at their local salon, you would receive a percentage of their coupon purchase. The more friends you share it with the more potential you have for a little extra income.

And how much you may ask does it cost to be a subscriber? ZILCH, Nada, a big fat 0 dollars, not now not ever as John says. So what is there to lose? Nothing, the only way you lose is by not signing up.

Now not only is this a great deal for the consumer, but it offers businesses an extra revenue stream also. You see businesses register their business in the system and they can sign up their customers and earn income off of any purchases of coupons that their customers make, even on coupons they use in other businesses in the community. A win-win deal for everyone involved. If you haven’t signed up already why not? Just click the banner below. John is setting a goal for 10 million subscribers this year! He has already enrolled 10% of that this year and is growing exponentially every day. So do you want to be the one to share this with friends or will you wait until friends start telling you about it?


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