Elaine Bailey

9 Common Excuses for Indecision

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

— Theodore Roosevelt

Here are some common avoidance strategies that I’ve experienced in my coaching practice over the years. I’ve used some of these myself too!

Look out for these excuses showing up and DECIDE NOT to be sucked in by them.

They will steal your power and create internal chaotic vibration…

1. Avoid Responsibility – Pushing the responsibility onto someone else so you don’t have to make the decision yourself. You procrastinate and do nothing. There’s a lack of communication between you and the other person. You avoid criticism by choosing unconsciously to be irresponsible. This allows you to blame them if it goes wrong!

2. Not Understanding the Problem – If you don’t understand what is wrong, you make assumptions. Then any solution will be wrong. Ask questions and really understand the issue. Focus on what you need to know to make an informed decision. Get clear on what you have to make a decision on.

3. Succumb to Influences Around You – You undermine your own authority by listening to someone else’s second thoughts, worries and anxiety. This is seductive and lures you away from your intention. Second thoughts can cause you to question your decision and abort your cause of action. You might get post-decision anxiety and get locked into an internal difference of opinion with yourself. Go back to your intention and get clear on your WHY.

4. Not Thinking About It – A great avoidance strategy! It’s almost denial. Perhaps you’re hoping for a miracle or a win on the lottery! If you do nothing about a problem it will certainly get out of control and usually impacts other aspects of your life. Face the fear and work through it. Avoidance doesn’t work.

5. Too Busy To Reflect On It Properly – In our busy life we often feel that reflection takes too much time and requires too much work. So we don’t allow time to think things through. Allow some thinking time.

6. Being a Perfectionist – We can over-complicate the situation by being too careful and gathering too much information. We then stumble over what we’re going to decide because of information overload. Indecision creeps in through the back door and paralyses us.

7. Limiting Beliefs – Everyone else has faith in you. You believe that the choices you will make are bound to fail because…(insert your own excuse here!). Challenge and reframe your limiting beliefs. Learn to believe in yourself.

8. Head, NOT Heart – You start to base your decisions on other people’s opinions and ideas. They believe that this would work for you, so you go along with it even though your heart is sending a different message. You follow the group by not challenging and becoming a people pleaser. The decision doesn’t feel warm and welcoming. It feels cold and dark but seems to be ‘the right thing to do.’ You’re out of alignment with your truth.

9. I’m Rubbish at Decision-Making – Is a form of limiting belief. Sometimes at work we become ‘order takers’ and are process-managed by our managers rather than led. Over time we realise that we don’t have to make decisions and we just follow the orders. Our decision-making muscle becomes flabby and unused. We become out of practice. If we’re suddenly asked to make a decision, we can find this very difficult and stressful.

How many of these excuses have made you indecisive?

Make a note of these and look out for them as you begin to make decisions over the coming weeks.


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