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Massive Garlic Harvest in North Carolina Backyard!

Beautiful Mia Harvesting Garlic

OK maybe not massive in the mainstream press point of view, but it was pretty awesome for us. We planted about a 4′ square section of the raised bed and just harvested 45 beautiful bulbs that should supply us for the next year and help save on the increasing food inflation.

Glorious Garlic Harvest

Garlic is quite a powerful food and is said to have been fed to the slaves that built the pyramids to help with endurance. It is known to have antibiotic and anti-viral qualities and we have personally used it to permanently eradicate plantar warts on both of our girls. Quite large ones in fact.

Fresh bulbs put out to dry.

Thanks for the tip Pam. It is also known to help prevent colds, cut down on cholesterol, strengthen the immune system and even have an affect on reducing cancer tumors. Of course with Lisa being Italian we use garlic a lot in our cooking. It will be so satisfying to use our own out of the garden.

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