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Crazy Urban Farmer Turns Children’s Swingset Into Chicken/Duck Condo

Necessity is the mother of invention it is said. Well we needed to build a chicken and duck coop as we had already purchased the birds from someone who needed to get rid of them because their child had developed allergies. So we drove about 50 miles to pickup 2 ducklings and 2 chicks that were about 7 days old. Got home and within a few days we were realizing we had to get something together fast as these guys were growing out of thier cardboard boxes very quickly. So I was watching the girls climb on the swingset and it came to me. The framework is all there, I just need to enclose it. So with some old pallet wood and some cabinet doors I had removed from our kitchen I put it together. The chickens live upstairs and get there by going up the slide. The duck lives underneath the chickens. It works pretty well. The girls can still play on the swingset and the birds have a nice home. Here are a few images of the girls and birds. We now have 4 Chickens and 4 Khaki Campbell ducks so we should be having lots of eggs soon since they are all good egglayers and they each lay close to 1 egg a day throughout the year. I am looking forward to trying out the duck eggs and having fresh chicken eggs whenever we want.

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