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New Madrid Earthquake Drill Begins Today.

World News: A Message from Steve Shenk, CEO of eFoods Global

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Two weeks ago, after one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history, the ocean rose up and swallowed entire coastal regions of Japan, killing thousands, rendering tens of thousands homeless, and crippling critical industries. Our prayers go out to those who lost their lives and to the survivors, many of whom were able to salvage nothing more than life itself.

At eFoods Global we’re not surprised by natural (or man-made) disasters. These unfortunate events have been occurring with greater and greater frequency. However, we ARE shocked and saddened that so few people are prepared for even small disruptions in our often-tenuous supply chain.

Helping folks prepare for the predicted and the unexpected has been the mission of eFoods Global. Today, we are sounding the alarm for a coming economic crash that is not only expected, it is a certainty. The tragedy in Japan is just the latest shock in a series of tremors that will result in the most destructive economic tsunami to ever hit our planet!

Here are just a few more urgent matters foretelling the perfect storm:

* Rising worldwide demand for commodities to be intensified as Japan begins to rebuild
* Shortages of critical automobile and computer components from Japanese industry will result in more layoffs here in America
* Increasing tensions in the Middle East driving gas prices to record levels (food prices always match fuel prices)
* High gas prices are forcing more businesses to close their doors, ensuring more lost jobs
* Countries with the highest populations have lost their crops to drought and are buying American unprotected exports of food, creating huge future shortages
* The US dollar is falling against all major currencies, inflating prices of gold and silver
* We are in the sixth year of a worldwide famine caused by erratic weather that has destroyed global crops
* Banks are refusing necessary seasonal loans to farmers causing fewer acres to be planted and food items to be sold
* Ethanol subsidies are driving fuel and food prices
* Relaxed investment regulations allowing speculation in food commodities
* Modern agricultural methods are dependent on petroleum—as fuel prices rise, food costs skyrocket

The fuse is now lit for the greatest explosion in FOOD prices the world has ever seen! Millions of people will ultimately have to grow their own food. With the speed at which the world and American food conditions are deteriorating, there is not time to grow food, and the task of canning to freeze food prices and availability at present levels is virtually impossible.

Will you be able to feed yourself and your loved ones when a cup of soup and a slice of bread sells for $50 or more? For most of us, the ONLY option is to secure a supply of food now before these economic tidal waves flood our shores.

These events that affect us so intensely are beyond our control. But our greatest dependency, food, will enable us to deal with all of these adversities if we are wise in our preparations and to empower ourselves with the thought that “if it is to be, it’s up to me”.

Please consider freezing the cost and availability of your food by getting the most you can, while you can.

Steve Shenk, eFoods Global CEO

Geologist Predicts California Earthquake This Month

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