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US Becomes Food-Stamp Nation, But Is It Sustainable? | COLLAPSENET

US Becomes Food-Stamp Nation, But Is It Sustainable? | COLLAPSENET.




Happiness: Woman Has Not Used Money In 15 Yrs

I have often wondered if we really need money and if the world would work better with out it.  I know this is a radical idea in our American Dream Get Rich Quick Instant Gratification Culture where we feel we need money to be happy.   But I have heard of people who live with very little or no money and through either a self sufficient lifestyle or a simplified lifestyle feel they are much happier than when they were in the “Rat Race.’  Now with our infinite growth paradigm starting to collapse it is wonderful to see pioneers such as this woman in Germany. What do you think? Can you see a way you could live without money or with much less?

Happiness: Woman Has Not Used Money In 15 Yrs.

eFoods Global Rolls Out Acts of Kindness Currency to Purchase Food Reserves

eFoods Global Rolls Out Acts of Kindness Currency to Purchase Food

Acts of Kindness (AoK) Currency will change the way people think about food purchases and
potentially purchase all food storage products for free; the concept encourages people to no
longer think about how much money they have but rather how much kindness they can share.

Midvale, UT (PRWEB) May 08, 2011 — eFoods Global unveiled a new form of currency that will help people
across the country purchase food reserves for their families. Acts of Kindness (AoK) Currency now lets people
determine how much they want to spend on food storage without having to consider what’s in their bank
“This isn’t just another money-making opportunity; our mission is to make sharing an act of kindness,” said
Jake Jensen, Executive Vice President of Sales and Operations. “We believe that paying it forward should
always pay you back, and our message is truly an act of kindness as we offer to help families take control of
food, our greatest dependency. Now the company is paying everyone back by sharing this message of good
Based on eFoods Global’s philosophy of serve, save, and share, AoK Currency is generated simply by sharing
the company’s message of preparedness. Each time someone visits a Preferred Customer’s referral link or an
Independent Business Owner’s website, takes the Food Freedom Tour, and redeems their free customized food
pack, eFoods Global will put $3–4 in the referrer’s account to be used towards the referrer’s next product
purchase. The more AoK Currency someone accumulates, the fewer dollars they’ll actually have to pay towards
their purchase.
“The AoK Currency concept is going to change the way that people think about money,” said Mike Casperson,
eFoods Global’s Vice President of Sales. “People will no longer ask, ‘how much does it cost?’ They’ll already
know the answer—the more they share our message of preparation with others, the more AoK Currency they
can acquire. It is no longer a matter of how much money you have but rather how much kindness you will
share. And they’ll figure out that they can take control of their lives without relying on money backed by the
U.S. government. Food and eFoods Global’s AoK Currency is the new currency people can rely on.”
The company’s goal is to have 10,000 people pay 100% of their monthly food reserves with AoK Currency. To
learn more about eFoods Global and the AoK Currency program, visit the company’s corporate website at or go to:

Start Your Food Storage Program Today With The Best!

Straight Talk with Catherine Austin Fitts: We Are Victims of A Financial Coup D’Etat – Blogs at Chris Martenson

Straight Talk with Catherine Austin Fitts: We Are Victims of A Financial Coup D’Etat – Blogs at Chris Martenson.

Excellent article by Daniel Amerman

Daniel looks at the economy in a way that I have not seen anyone else do so clearly. He has great analysis that makes a difficult subject easier to comprehend. In this article, “Bullets In The Back: How Boomers & Retirees Will Become Bailout, Stimulus & Currency War Casualties”, Daniel explains how the money manipulation by the government is making it more and more difficult to maintain any reasonable standard of living. He also has strategies for keeping ahead of the deterioration of our purchasing power and lifestyle. Here is a quote regarding food: “Let’s now talk about food. Per Bloomberg (Nov. 1), “The Standard & Poor’s GSCI Agriculture Index of eight futures climbed 30 percent this year, led by corn, wheat, coffee and cotton” and “meat prices advanced to a two-decade high in August, according to a UN index.” These wholesale prices have not yet fully hit US grocery shelves – but they will. Just putting a meal on the table will be getting more expensive – particularly once the food/energy relationship kicks in. Yes, the US has an agricultural system that is among the most efficient in the world. However, these high levels of production per acre – and resulting relatively low food prices – are based on the intensive use of fertilizers, which are primarily based upon petrochemicals. So rapidly rising petrochemical prices translates very quickly to rapidly rising US food prices.”

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