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Knee High Corn By The Fourth of July – Bah Humbug! HowAbout Over My Head Instead.

"Amazing what a little worm poop will do!"

I love growing corn. It is just so green and purty. I guess growing up in Minnesota and seeing massive fields of corn just kind of got it in my blood. So I really enjoy growing it BIG. This is our Three Sisters garden with corn, squash and beans. With our vermiculture bins we get the most amazing fertilizer around… Worm Poop. Sure looks like it helped these stalks reach for the sky. Of course the chickens scratchin’ and dropping there contribution certainly doesn’t hurt. And I can’t wait to walk through the rows shaking the stalks to help the pollen drift down onto the silk and pollinate each kernal. Did you know that each kernel of corn is attached to one strand of silk? So each strand needs to get pollinated in order for that kernel to grow. Can’t wait to roast some big cobs of sweet corn on the fire, and bite into those sweet kernels dripping with golden butter and a little salt and pepper. Yeah! Doesn’t get any better than that.

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