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Hurricane Irene Update ~ Collapsenet’s CEO gives warning and tips for preparation

Hurricane Irene Update

Peak Oil Blues — We’re All Bozos on this Bus | COLLAPSENET

This lady is serious and so funny if you have done any preparations at all or have talked to others about it. Click below and watch this video.

Peak Oil Blues — We’re All Bozos on this Bus | COLLAPSENET.



As The World Economy Crumbles What Do I Do?

The following link is a basic step 101 to being prepared in these times of uncertainty. With the economy struggling with it’s last breaths we have become more aware than ever of the fragile nature of our complex and highly interconnected life support systems. We depend so much on the modern conveniences of electricity, food at the grocery store, water at the tap and fuel at the gas pump for our mobility. What if these things break down? Not to mention the complexity of everything now dependent on computers and the internet. Having been a boy scout I am ever more respectful of the motto ‘Be Prepared.’ That is why I created this blog with lots of info and resources on things you can do to be prepared. I hope you find this blog and the following info useful in the times ahead.


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