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$35 for a Lifetime of Healing

Having run around barefoot as a child and having begun to walk and run naked on the earth as much as I could the past two years I was pleased to read information on the benefits of earthing. I decided to purchase a grounding kit to try it out sleeping through the night grounded to the earth. The principle is that we are electrical beings and connecting to the electrical energy in the earth has a healing affect on our bodies. Studies have shown that it does indeed have many benefits which you can research by going to the link above. I anxiously awaited the arrival of the kit and excitedly opened the package to find a simple 3 prong plug connected to a long wire connected to a wristband that has a 1×2 inch metal plate which stays in contact with your skin.

With a few weird looks from my wife (she is pretty used to my wild and crazy ideas) I tested the outlet in the bathroom to make sure it was properly grounded and plugged in a long extension cord and ran it into the bedroom. Our house is 50 years old and many of the outlets are not grounded except for the ones I personally grounded for our computers. So I strapped the wristband to my foot so the plate was on the sole of my foot so I had a good sole connection (pun intended) and went to sleep. Well I slept really hard, which is typical when first sleeping grounded, and woke up feeling quite refreshed. I also noticed my back didn’t hurt like it usually does in the morning and I didn’t seem to be quite as stiff either. Now after using it for a while, actually not that much since everyone else in the family has been stealing it to use themselves, I wake up in the morning feeling good and ready to jump out of bed and get to the tasks of the day. I think I might actually have been suffering from a little depression before, but feel really great these days.

One of the most dramatic results we have seen is with our daughter Mia. Mia is a beautiful 9 year old girl that has brought much love and joy to our family. We raised her with the family bed style of parenting until she was about 4 years old. After that she moved into her own bed, but for most of the past 5 years we have struggled with her not sleeping through the night and eventually coming into our bed in the middle of the night or morning. Well she has grown bigger and it feels like our King size bed has grown smaller and some nights I even resorted to sleeping in her bed to be comfortable. So we have struggled with this for a long time, but now it feels finally resolved without the distress of trying to force her to stay in her own bed.

So I asked her if she would try the grounding unit and she gladly said “sure”. It was amazing! She went for a week sleeping with the ground wire and staying in her bed all night long. It was only after a few days of not wearing it (her Mom wanted to try it) that she came back to us in the middle of the night feeling scared again. So now we have grounding wires for everyone and she is again sleeping through the night without waking up. Hallelujah!!

My wife has just started using it also and is experiencing very restful sleep and the whole family seems happier lately. Mia and Carina still have fights sometimes, but it seems like they are having a lot more fun playing together. I obviously highly recommend grounding and will post again once we have a little more hours of sleeping grounded under our belts. You can get a grounding unit by sending $30 plus $5 S&H through Paypal to Jerry Diamond @ Jerry is making this units available at very low cost as he believes in their power to heal so effectively and with no costs for drugs or high priced medical advice. I will be contacting him about helping to distribute the grounding units as I feel this can be of great value to everyone. Have a great day!

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