The Challenge

It all started with Six Free Meals…

After having come to the realization that major change is in our future how do I share what I am doing with others so that they get it. Of course most of us don’t want to feel like we are crazies just freaking out unnecessarily vis a vis Y2K. (Did anyone else think about buying some land in the boonies?) But we all know the economy is not doing well no matter what the pundits may say. The governments of the world are scrambling to prop up the house of cards that our economy has been built on with ever increasing levels of debt beyond anything my father could have ever imagined. Not to mention the challenges of Peak Oil, Climate Change, natural disasters, etc. So do we just sit in front of the TV and just hope it all turns out?

Well I hope to share on this blog how I have come to the conclusion that it is better to be prepared, the old Boy Scout Motto, than to be caught by surprise (yes I was a scout for about six months where I got to fly my first single engine plane and almost cut my finger off and almost died from hypothermia freezing my a** off in a cotton sleeping bag on the frozen tundra in the middle of a Minnesota winter, but that’s another story).

Watching the bankers rout the Treasury and the American taxpayer with threats of “it’s all coming down unless you give us 600 billion buckaroos” by Monday really blew me away. We probably should have let them fail though we may have bought a little time to get more prepared.

So one day about six weeks ago my friend Craig sends me an email and says check this out and see what you think. He says its a new company that is providing food for storage that you “share, serve and store” and you can get “Six Free Meals” for only shipping and handling. I start thinking ok not another one of those MLM schemes that sound great but nobody except the super duper promoters make any money at. Well it can’t hurt to try the food I thought, probably tastes like the shoebox I kept my old sneakers in in the back of the closet. It took a little while but then it came priority mail, three white bags with stickers on them saying what they were. Cheesy chicken casserole, hmmmm. I’ll feed it to the kids and see what they think. They won’t hold back with the criticism that’s for sure. So my girls Mia and Carina and their friend Amber all tried it out. Mia was so-so about it (she’s the pickiest one), but Carina and Amber LOVED it! It was really quite tasty, not like the dehydrated cardboard I used to eat backpacking. So we signed up and ordered a bunch more food and now we are sharing it with friends and having fun.

I also highly recommend visiting Chris Martenson’s site and watching “The Crash Course” where he explains in clear unemotional(not hysterical) detail the challenges we are facing as a people in the future. I am not a doomsayer and I think eventually we will come out of this time hopefully wiser and with a clearer understanding of our place on this planet. If this is your first glimpse at this information please allow yourself to take it in and do not be overcome with fear. With knowledge comes the power to act so use this site to gather knowledge and I will do my best to provide useful information. I hope you find this site a valuable resource for coming changes.

More to come. Please share what if any info you would like to see on this site. I just built a greenhouse and we have greens growing through the winter, I better go check them its going to get cold and they probably need to be covered. Also check back as I share what I am learning about building a brick wood stove/pizza oven to heat the house and provide tasty wood-fired pizza…

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