Here is a link to great information on Solar Water Treatment Systems

Sodium Chlorite is a water purifier that is simple and easy to use

I will be testing some water from a stream near my house soon and will come back with the results. Sodium Chlorite can be purchased inexpensively online as MMS or Miracle Mineral Suplement. It has many great uses for cleansing and disinfecting. You can get it at Oceans Lab.

The following is information I found at eHow.

Sodium chlorite is sold commercially and can be added to water to produce chlorine dioxide, an oxidizing agent that will purify water. Chlorine dioxide is a more effective water purifier than chlorine, bleach or iodine. It doesn’t leave an aftertaste, is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. You can take chlorine dioxide with you camping or hiking and be sure that no matter where you are, as long as there is any type of water supply, you can provide yourself with clean water.


1. Scoop up water to be purified in a one-gallon container.

2. Dilute four drops of 30 percent sodium chlorite solution in the gallon of water.

3. Stir well with a long-handled spoon.

4. Wait eight hours to allow the chloride dioxide to fully purify the water before drinking.

Biosand Filter is saving lives in Africa: http://www.biosandfilter.org/biosandfilter/index.php/item/229

Cool Solar Distiller – The Watercone

A source for water storage tanks and purification systems of all kinds

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