Why eFoods

Why eFoods:

Storable ~ 15+ year shelf life
•Quality ~ gourmet flavor food
•Convenience ~ just add water meal pouches
•Delivered direct to your home
•Very strict ingredient requirements as follows:
•Dehydrated from premium-grade fresh raw foods
•No genetically altered food
•No added MSG
•No imports from countries using illegal fertilizers and insecticides
•No hydrogenated oil No trans fats.
•No Tans Fats
•Certified kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU)
•No chemical preservatives or dyes

Meals available for most preferences:

Gluten Free Meals:
• Creamy Potato Soup
• Cheddar Potato Soup
• Broccoli Cheddar Soup
• Tortilla Soup
• Corn Chowder Soup
• Cheesy Chicken & Rice Casserole
• Au Gratin Potatoes

Dairy Free Meals
• Minestrone Soup
• Pasta Fagoli Soup
• Italian Chicken Soup
• Vegetable Beef Stew w/Potatoes

Why the eFoods Global Business Opportunity:

•Low Start-up Fee – $29.95 yearly
•Your own replicated personal website including:
•Detailed Team stats including tree views, personally enrolled Independent Business Owners and Customers.
•Commissions earned stats and graphs
•Recruiting reports page
•Downloadable Marketing Materials
•Product Order Shopping Cart
•Order shipping status page
•No monthly purchase requirement to maintain IBO status
•No product markup for customers. IBO’s and customers pay the same for products purchased
•6 Free Meals shipped to prospective customers at NO COST to you!
•No matter what your time commitment, level of interest, or income desire, eFoods Global has created a compensation plan for everyone:
•Earn 25% on every order you and your personally enrolled Preferred Customers place that exceeds your personal qualifications. Now that’s generous!
•Earn $35 when a business partner you have personally enrolled generates $350 in Essential Volume during one weekly commissions period. Great way to jump-start your earnings!
•Earn $15 to $75 from the $350 in Essential Volume generated by all the people who are connected or coded to you in your enrollment organization—through infinity! Wait until you experience the power of true infinity!
•Earn Weekly Food Credits valued at $60 from those people coded and connected to you who generate $350 in Essential Volume during one weekly commission period—through infinity. We have a patent pending on this innovation!
•Earn up to 10% of the Commissioned Volume generated by your Earnings Team on the two-legged (Binary) Team Commissions Tree. $10,000 Maximum per Week. Benefit from the efforts of the team that enrolled you!
•Achieve $350 in Essential Volume during any given weekly commission period and from that point forward, start earning a 25% match of the earnings generated by anyone you personally enroll. Just one good person can make this worth your effort!
•Earn 5% of the earnings generated by as many as 5 generations of leaders and all of the people they lead. By developing $350 in Essential Volume during any given weekly commission period, you can be paid a Generation Matching bonus on the Essential Life Code earnings of the people you personally enroll. One generation can include hundreds of people and purchases. Imagine multiple generations!

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